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Fab February Grading

Red belts running through kata with Steve Sensei
The last York course was another very good day. It began as usual at 9.30 with the adult beginners and red belts going through basics with Alan Campbell Sensei (7th Dan) before moving on to their gradings, and the child beginners looking at basics and some kicking technics with Steve Carless Sensei (6th Dan).  Following the first class the adult beginners and red belts moved onto some kata practice breaking Heian Shodan down with Steve Sensei, whilst Alan Sensei took the yellow to purple belts for a look at stances and techniques. 
Yellows and Greens Kicking it off with some kicking practise
with Alan Sensei

Finally as 11.30 loomed it was time for the main class to begin with Steve sensei taking the yellow belts to 1st Kyu’s the first session looked at kicking technics to begin with looking at yoko geri kekomi and mawashi geri in partners, then after a brief 2 minute break he then took us through some advanced one step, looking at moving out of the way and several different counters for the same situation, then also some self defence technics as well.  At the same time Alan Sensei led the Dan grades through a  Nidan & Sandan grading syllabus, primarily focusing on kumite using several different methods, from moving on the spot to find your target to moving to target past objects to score.
Main class Yoko Geri Kekomi practise with Steve Sensei

After a heavy first hour of training it was lunch and welcome it was, the quick break was used by most for some last-minute practise before their gradings, straight after lunch the yellow and green belts were up for grading and the rest of the class carried on with the a session which focused again on kumite for the next part of the session.  Finally, the two classes finished with a detailed look at kata, the brown belts looking at Jion in detail, and Dan grades looking at Junro Yondan.

Grading results

First up, we had three child beginners grading, one of which is the youngest member of the club at 4 years old George gained his 12 kyu, along with Zane who also put in a good performance and gained his 12 kyu.  Last up in this group we had Jack who moved up to Red belt gaining his 10th Kyu.
White belt gradings
Second to hit the panel, adult beginners and Red Belts were up, overall some very strong performances with some karate-ka displaying some of their best karate to date.  Adam and Florence were up in front of the grading panel (who had a special guest examiner in the form of our very own Brenda Sensei!) together smashed it both walking away with 9th kyu grading, going for their 8th kyu we had Angel, Ella, Lucas, Alfie, Liya and Evan all of which came up, gave it their all, and walked away happy as can be.  Finally, up Jason, Matthew and Stanislaw, these guys looked great and proved they have what it took and came away with shiny new yellow belts.

Next up Daniel, Joshua and Jeon.  Daniel having had to learn a whole new syllabus for this grading had a great performance that he can be proud of and this was matched with a solid 6th Kyu pass.  Josh and Jeon walked away with a nice 5th Kyu pass and some sharp new belts to match.

Brown Belts grading

The final Kyu gradings coming up, first to the plate were Thomas and Paul (D), Paul is a credit to his skill and proof that with determination and passion you can do anything only deciding to grade three weeks before the day due to medical reasons which had stopped him from training before Christmas he came and smashed his grading and along with Thomas took their 3rd kyu grade.  Finally, in front of the panel we had Oliver, Ben, Edwin, Ellie and Helen going for 2nd kyu and Aiwin up for his 1st kyu the last step before thinking about his Shodan, everyone put in great levels of focus and determination and great credit to Helen who smashed her kumite despite it not being her 

favourite area of training, everyone walked away with another grading under their belts.

After all the kyu gradings were out of the way and the rest of the training had finished it was time for the main event of the day, one of the busiest Dan gradings we’ve held at our course in a few years. Of the dozen or so karate-ka going for their Shodan we had two members up for their grading, Paul (B) and Olivia were looking to take the next step on their karate journey, Paul going through his grading showed true focus and power through all of his khion, kata and kumite demonstrating his skill to the best of his ability and it paid of with him walking away with a pass.  Olivia after having trained so hard over the last year and after putting everything she had in to her whole grading unfortunately didn’t quite make the cut this time, after this however we were so proud and impressed to see her walk back through the dojo door after the disappointment as it shows true strength of character and real dedication to karate and the determination to gain her Shodan no matter what.

Over all we had a fantastic course with fantastic turn out from all across the country, thanks to all who attended for your ongoing support, a big congratulations to all who passed their gradings, a big thank you to Alan Campbell Sensei and Steve Carless Sensei for an excellent course and last but by no means least thank you to Paul Brant Sensei who arranged the course and ensured it ran smoothly as always and to everyone else who helped during the day.



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