Sunday, 15 September 2019

September Black and Brown Belt 2019

September B&B 2019

On the 1st September we were down in Nottingham for another black and Brown belt course, Mike Sensei, Paul B, Lucy, Helen, Olivia, Brenda and Ben to to the road at 8 Am to make the start of the course. Arriving at 10 am we had the usual meet and greet with everyone attending we lined up for a 10.30 start.

Alan Sensei (7th Dan) welcomed us to the course and started by handing out some Dan diplomas, followed by congratulating the Squad for their success at the JKS internationals in Dublin last weekend. Finally he gave Brenda Sensei a more than warm welcome back to her first course in Nottingham.

Firstly the course was handed to Geoff sensei from Grantham, Geoff sensei is jks englands head coach and he based his session on showing us all what referees are looking for when scoring at competitions. Firstly we looked at kata, running through Heian Sandan we looked at all the keep scoring points, from agility, to style, focus and form each time aiming to improve our kata with all the points be used. Secondly we were on to kumite and looking at the scoring area on a competitors body, from face and head, to all points on your torso front and back. Finally the finer points on how to get a score from your Kiai and Hikite action as well as showmanship.

After a fantastic first session with Geoff sensei, we had a quick water break before beginning the second session with Alan sensei. Alan sensei wanted to run through an interesting kata he had seen preformed at the JKS championships in Dublin, so we started looking at kakuyoku shodan. Running through the kata in sections we attempted to pick it up in a short space of time before Alan invited those who knew the kata to attempt to do it all in their own time. After the first couple of attempts a time limit was set to try and encourage the correct pace for the kata to be run, 45 seconds being the target, finally we spilt of in to pairs to focus at on the kata and work together to develop it further.

After a good session we finished at half time before the open squad training began, we headed home for a well deserved nap, big thank you to Alan sensei and Geoff sensei for their instruction.

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Monday, 22 July 2019

Summer Grading Course 2019

June 23rd saw much grading success for Haxby at the summer grading course in York. Where HSKC, Selby Shotokan Karate Club and York Shotokan Karate Club were lucky enough to once again host Hans sensei 6th Dan.

As usual a prompt start at 9.30 began with Matt Beard Sensei 3rd Dan taking the Beginners to 11th Kyu for some grading basics and some interesting drills for the youngsters. Hans Rana Sensei took Charge of the Adult beginners to 8th Kyu for their first session of the day, beginning with quick paced relay warm-ups to get the blood pumping, followed by some basic drills and so kumite practise.
The next session saw the pee-wee grades in to their gradings, leaving the adult beginners to 8th kyu with Matt Sensei to work through some grading kata and techniques.  The 7th to 4th Kyu’s took their first session with Hans sensei, where he began with some tough core stretches to to loosen us off for some kicking exercises, Sensei said if you want to run you have to walk first, it is the same with kicking if you can control a slow kick you can kick fast properly, so slowly we went forming exact shapes for each section of each kick mai-geri, mawashi-geri, yoko-geri kiagi and kekomi. After we practised some reaction training to move in direction to count while walking.

Up next was the Black and Brown belt session, which began with some partner work focused on kumite and reaction training, balance and position, moving forward and back only jodan and chudan with both being practised on a low squat as we attempted to use full techniques with each attack and block.  To finish before lunch, we learn gyaku tsuki no-kata which confused most more than you’d think.

After a quick lunch break, we warmed back up by running through Jono Kata and all 5 Heian katas and tekki Shodan, without stopping between katas and going through with speed and power each kata formed in to one and you had a lot to do to keep up with where you were at.  Next sensei Hans took us all through the 5 junro katas in detail. Next we did some conditioning exercises jabbing and striking at partners torso and limbs.  Finally, the session was ended with some tough stretching exercises to attempt to loosen off all our limbs and joints after a good long days training.

All the while the gradings were going ahead under the watchful gaze of Keith Gullen Sensei 7th Dan YSKC and Mike Gude sensei 6th HSKC Dan and being lead by Paul Brant Sensei 4th Dan SSKC, some great success for Haxby with a massive 13 members passing their gradings.  The successful grades are:

  •   Erin C 12th Kyu 
  •   Grace C 12th Kyu
  •   Zane S 11th Kyu
  •   James H 10th Kyu
  •   Jack 9th Kyu
  •   Robert P 8th Kyu
  •   Adam T 8th Kyu
  •   Annabelle V 6th Kyu
  •   Jason H 6th Kyu
  •   Thomas G 2nd Kyu
  •   Oliver G 1st Kyu 
  •   Hellen B 1st Kyu
  •  Ben L 1st Kyu

So after a successful day full of hard work and training and much more success than just that of HSKC a day well spent at manor.

A special thankyou to Paul Sensei for organising the day to run a smoothly as always and to Kieth and Mike sensei’s for taking the gradings. Also thank you to Matt sensei for his instruction on the course and mostly to Hans sensei for traveling all the way from Loughborough to instruct and train alongside us.

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Sunday, 14 July 2019

Selby Novice Competition 2019

May the forths saw HSKC take part in the annual Selby Novice Competition at Manor CE Academy organised and run by Paul Brant Sensei (4th Dan) with the aid of many of the instructors from HSKC, SSKC (Selby Shotokan Karate Club) and York karate club.

We had a strong team entering the competition this year with around 25 competitors holding around a total  of 50 individual entries in Kata, Kumite and Family Kata. Spread over two areas one facing kata and the other holding kumite the competition began at 10.30 sharp.

Each even ran smoothly and to good time with all who participated having fun and enjoying the experience of being on the mats and preforming what they know and have learnt in front of friend and family and most leaving the mats with new confidence and feeling in their karate journey.

Congratulations to all who follow for there victories on the matts:
        Jack H, Sliver in 12th -10th Kyu mixed Kata
        James H, Bronze in 12th - 10th Kyu Mixed Kata
        William V, Bronze in Under 12s Kata, Bronze in Family Kata, Bronze in 9-11 Male Kumite
        Daniel T, Bronze in Under 12 Kata, Gold in 9-11s Male Kumite
        William M, Bronze in Under 17s Mixed Kata, Gold 12-14 Male Kumite, Gold in 15-17 Male Kumite, Joint Second in Under 17s Grand Champion Cup “The Sensei Rodrigo Bastidas Memorial Cup”
        Lucy S, Bronze in Under 17s Mixed Kata, Bronze in 12-14 Female Kumite
        Jason H, Bronze in Over 16s Beg-3rd Kyu Mixed Kata, Silver in 18+ Beg-3rd Kyu Male Kumite
        Paul B, Bronze in Over 16s 2nd Kyu- shodan Mixed Kata, Silver in 18+ 2nd Kyu- Shodan Male Kumite
        Ben L, Bronze in Over16s 2nd Kyu- Shodan Mixed Kata, Gold in 18+ 2nd Kyu- Shodan Male Kumite, Senior Kumite – (Judged Best Preformance) “The  Sensei Randy Williams Memorial Cup”
        Edwin S, Gold in Family Kata, Sliver in 9-11 Male Kumite
        Aiwen s, Gold in Family Kata, Bronze in 12-14 Male Kumite
        Annie V, Bronze in Family Kata
        Poppy M, Bronze in 9-11 Female Kumite
        Matthew P, Bronze 18+ Beg-3rd Kyu Male Kumite
        Helen Barker, Bronze in 2nd Kyu- Shodan Female Kumite

Finally a massive thank you to Paul Sensei For organising and running another fantastic competition and to all the officials who helped run the day and take care off the competitors, as well as all who entered to make the competition possible once again. Until next year congratulations.


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Thursday, 9 May 2019

April B&B Course

The second Black and Brown belt course was held in Nottingham just before Easter, we had a small gang take the trip down with Paul B, Lucy, Ben and Ellie. Arriving just before 10 thanks to a nice clear run through, we were greeted by all and had a good chance to catch up everyone before training started.

At around 10.30 we began the session after a greeting from Alan Campbell Sensei (7th Dan) we began with so standard warm ups, then Alan sensei started us with some reaction warm ups in pairs to test our reaction times against each other. The days focus was then centred around various kicking techniques and combinations, from ashira mawashi geri, to mawashi geri and the mai geri-kekomi combination. All of which we practised by kicking a target around an obstacle (third partner).

This lead on to a brief break before returning to some kata, we started with breaking down several sections of Kata Chinte looking at some of the more unique moves in the kata and how they work in practise. Finally we finished off by running through the kata several times to count speeding it up each time we went and the finally the black belts ran all the way through the kata to their own timing.

The day moved on to black belt gradings which we unfortunately missed this time, however I hope they went well for all who took place in them. As always a big thank you to Alan Sensei for the instruction and a very interesting course, and well done to those who attended this one.

Oss Ben

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Monday, 11 March 2019

Superb Spring Course

Kagawa Shihan Demonstrating Gedan Barai
Yesterday saw the annual spring technical seminar with Masao Kagawa Shihan (9th Dan). A solid 9 members attended this course Mike, Ian and Jim sensei,  Paul,  Olivia,  Romie, Ben, Helen, and Adam this was his first course and a great starter for him it was.

After quick greetings with everyone we promptly kicked off the course with introductions to Kagawa Shihan, presentation of Dan diplomas to Ashley Scott-Heald for 5th Dan pass and Nick Heald Sensei for 7th San pass last year and finally an address from Sensei Mike following our course in February. The training started with a detailed look at kata: Junro Shodan – Sandan and Heian Shodan – Sandan followed by some bunkai for some of the more interesting and diverse moves of the Junro katas.  All this was covered in the first half of the day which seemed to fly by before you knew it.

Mike Sensei showing us how its done
Following lunch it was right back on to it with a run through of some of the first combinations of the Shodan Khion and we walked away with Shihan’s top advice of more hips, more natural, and longer stances.  Sanbon tsuki needed more drive and to practise this we changed it up to be a step Kizami tsuki gyaku tsuki for distance and then we added a Mae Geri in to the mix as well. On to Soto uke, gedan bari Kizami Geri gyaku tsuki and yoko Geri kiagi & kekomi same leg with full hickiash. After a brief water break it was on to higher kata starting with Jion, then jitte and finishing up with Gankaku for those going for there gradings later in the day.

After the course ended it was on to Sandan gradings up and a good turn out it was with some great successes.  Firstly congratulations to Paul sensei from Selby Shotokan karate club on passing his 4th dan.  But most of all a massive congratulations tour very own Ian Teadale Sensei for passing his 3rd Dan, despite being concerned about preforming in front of so many Ian came and preformed amazingly showing off his kata as his own and owned it, he controlled his kumite with complete ease and proved that even having not competed since returning to karate 5 years ago you don’t forget how to do it.

Man of the hour Ian T Sensei after passing his 3rd Dan
Over all a fantastic course from Kagawa Shihan as always, a big thank you to Alan Campbell Sensei and JKS England for arranging the course as usual and congratulations to Ian and Paul sensei again on their gradings.  Finally I would like to urge everyone to take part in these open courses especially when we get Japanese instructors over as they are more than phenomenal to watch and be instructed by.



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Friday, 8 March 2019

Kangeiko 2019

A quick post run break
January 21st saw our annual trip over to Cleethorpes for the penultimate day of Kaizen no-Michi’s Kangeiko on the beach.  A nice little group of us went across this year with Jim sensei, Paul B, Ben, Lucy and Ellie, this bunch of crazy karate-ka were up at the usual 5am for the cold drive out.

When we arrived at the beach, we greeted our friends from both Selby Shotokan Karate Club and KNM before we began our mornings training.  Down to the beach front for some quick warm ups to stretch out before the traditional beach front run to the pier and back watching for the slippery ground as we went due to a crisp -2 Degree C wind which battered us.  Finishing the run, it was down on to the beach for the rest of our training, which began with some more warm ups now ready for some sandy karate, followed by some basic drills on the spot trying to have balance on sand and beat the person on the opposite side of the circle.

Group photo in front of the pier
The next section looked at KNM’s Kaizen No-Kata which consists of the first few moves from each Heian and Junro Katas to for one kata, running through to count several times to get he hang of the kata we then had a go through full speed and power and mostly forgot how each kata starts, but it was good fun to give it a go.  Next, we had a go at some kumite drills starting with oi-tsuki, then ren-tsuki and finally sanbon- tsuki and practising the required blocks for each combination.  To round off our kumite we practised several counters to mai geri as beach tradition you must get covered in sand and catching kicks just right is the best way to ensure maximum sand time.  Our final exercise of the day was a karate Mexican wave, starting in the sand we had to jump up punching gyaku tsuki and get back down quick for the return of the wave.

A well earned breakfast

After training had finished it was time to retire to the local greasy spoon for a well-earned fry up, everyone was more than ready for this getting a healthy plate full, and a large plateful for Ben, who managed to clear up everyone else’s left overs as well.  We also had the pleasure to celebrate the birthday of terry from KNM that morning, which is true dedication to karate turning out at that time in the morning to do karate on your birthday.

A big thank you to Andrew Sensei for inviting us across for the morning it was a pleasure as usual and we can’t wait until next year to do it all again, where we plan to try and train the whole of Kangeiko in York through out the week and join KNM for the last day as usual.



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