Tuesday, 15 January 2019

B & B Jan 2019

This Sunday saw the start of the year’s courses with the first Black and Brown belt course run by Alan Campbell Sensei (7th Dan). For the first course of the year HSKC had a fantastic turn out with eight karate-ka in all. Leading the way and heading one car we had Jim sensei accompanied by Ben, Paul B and Olivia and in the second car, kindly driven by a parent, we had Ellie, Romie, Lucy and Will.

The Haxby gang
With good Haxby tradition we arrived in good time, so we had chance to catch up with friends from clubs across the country.  After a slightly delayed start we all lined up and had the pleasure of seeing Robin sensei from JKS Bradford being awarded his 4th dan certificate.

The session was based around resistance training with the aid of resistance tubing.  Partnered in three we began driving forward gyaku-tsuki with waist resistance then the same with arm resistance both times we did fifty punches (with both arms) so yes that was 200 punches to warm us up! After that we did some more punches but this time we had twenty counts for both arms, but this ramped up quickly because for each count we equalled the amount of punches so for one it was one punch for ten it was ten punches, so another 110 punches done! To round off our punching we then did the exercise with gyaku-tsuki step oi-Tsuki fifty times both hands finishing the warm up drills with a grand 510 punches made just like that!

Next Alan sensei decided our legs needed warming up, you guessed it, we did all the above exercises with mai-geri and if your legs hadn’t fallen off after 500 normal kicks your lucky, but we were still training with bands so our legs really felt the effort. After a very brief break we moved onto kata with the tubes, one person counting and 2 people doing the same portion of the kata in opposite directions so the tension on the bands increased with every step. To finish off the session Alan sensei decided that we could go without the bands and run through Heian Yondan.

We finished at lunch, earlier than usual, as squad training would take up the second half but that was fine with us as tube training for 2 ½ hours was more than enough for one day; expect it to be seen in the dojo soon. A big thank you to Alan sensei for hosting the course and taking us all through some very interesting and demanding drills.


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