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September Black and Brown Belt 2019

September B&B 2019

On the 1st September we were down in Nottingham for another black and Brown belt course, Mike Sensei, Paul B, Lucy, Helen, Olivia, Brenda and Ben to to the road at 8 Am to make the start of the course. Arriving at 10 am we had the usual meet and greet with everyone attending we lined up for a 10.30 start.

Alan Sensei (7th Dan) welcomed us to the course and started by handing out some Dan diplomas, followed by congratulating the Squad for their success at the JKS internationals in Dublin last weekend. Finally he gave Brenda Sensei a more than warm welcome back to her first course in Nottingham.

Firstly the course was handed to Geoff sensei from Grantham, Geoff sensei is jks englands head coach and he based his session on showing us all what referees are looking for when scoring at competitions. Firstly we looked at kata, running through Heian Sandan we looked at all the keep scoring points, from agility, to style, focus and form each time aiming to improve our kata with all the points be used. Secondly we were on to kumite and looking at the scoring area on a competitors body, from face and head, to all points on your torso front and back. Finally the finer points on how to get a score from your Kiai and Hikite action as well as showmanship.

After a fantastic first session with Geoff sensei, we had a quick water break before beginning the second session with Alan sensei. Alan sensei wanted to run through an interesting kata he had seen preformed at the JKS championships in Dublin, so we started looking at kakuyoku shodan. Running through the kata in sections we attempted to pick it up in a short space of time before Alan invited those who knew the kata to attempt to do it all in their own time. After the first couple of attempts a time limit was set to try and encourage the correct pace for the kata to be run, 45 seconds being the target, finally we spilt of in to pairs to focus at on the kata and work together to develop it further.

After a good session we finished at half time before the open squad training began, we headed home for a well deserved nap, big thank you to Alan sensei and Geoff sensei for their instruction.

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