Sunday, 14 July 2019

Selby Novice Competition 2019

May the forths saw HSKC take part in the annual Selby Novice Competition at Manor CE Academy organised and run by Paul Brant Sensei (4th Dan) with the aid of many of the instructors from HSKC, SSKC (Selby Shotokan Karate Club) and York karate club.

We had a strong team entering the competition this year with around 25 competitors holding around a total  of 50 individual entries in Kata, Kumite and Family Kata. Spread over two areas one facing kata and the other holding kumite the competition began at 10.30 sharp.

Each even ran smoothly and to good time with all who participated having fun and enjoying the experience of being on the mats and preforming what they know and have learnt in front of friend and family and most leaving the mats with new confidence and feeling in their karate journey.

Congratulations to all who follow for there victories on the matts:
        Jack H, Sliver in 12th -10th Kyu mixed Kata
        James H, Bronze in 12th - 10th Kyu Mixed Kata
        William V, Bronze in Under 12s Kata, Bronze in Family Kata, Bronze in 9-11 Male Kumite
        Daniel T, Bronze in Under 12 Kata, Gold in 9-11s Male Kumite
        William M, Bronze in Under 17s Mixed Kata, Gold 12-14 Male Kumite, Gold in 15-17 Male Kumite, Joint Second in Under 17s Grand Champion Cup “The Sensei Rodrigo Bastidas Memorial Cup”
        Lucy S, Bronze in Under 17s Mixed Kata, Bronze in 12-14 Female Kumite
        Jason H, Bronze in Over 16s Beg-3rd Kyu Mixed Kata, Silver in 18+ Beg-3rd Kyu Male Kumite
        Paul B, Bronze in Over 16s 2nd Kyu- shodan Mixed Kata, Silver in 18+ 2nd Kyu- Shodan Male Kumite
        Ben L, Bronze in Over16s 2nd Kyu- Shodan Mixed Kata, Gold in 18+ 2nd Kyu- Shodan Male Kumite, Senior Kumite – (Judged Best Preformance) “The  Sensei Randy Williams Memorial Cup”
        Edwin S, Gold in Family Kata, Sliver in 9-11 Male Kumite
        Aiwen s, Gold in Family Kata, Bronze in 12-14 Male Kumite
        Annie V, Bronze in Family Kata
        Poppy M, Bronze in 9-11 Female Kumite
        Matthew P, Bronze 18+ Beg-3rd Kyu Male Kumite
        Helen Barker, Bronze in 2nd Kyu- Shodan Female Kumite

Finally a massive thank you to Paul Sensei For organising and running another fantastic competition and to all the officials who helped run the day and take care off the competitors, as well as all who entered to make the competition possible once again. Until next year congratulations.


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